I have gathered several moving tips and thought I would share a few that I have accumilated over the years. 

1. Organize and Purge BEFORE you move. It saves so much time when you unpack to have everything organized and ready to put up or discarded before you move. You know, like that junk drawer. 

2. Forward your mail. You no longer have to make a special trip to the post office to fill out a change of address form so why wait until your mail could have the potential to get lost in the shuffle of the move? Go ahead a week before the transition and fill out the form online and let them know move in date to start delivering at the new address.

3. Remove your decor first! So many times people pack "rooms" only to start unpacking at the new house and realize that they have so many items they can not use until all unpacking is complete so it sits in the way until they are ready to make the final decorating touches. Be prepared for your style to change - like that picture that looked amazing in the den at the old house is more suited for the lighting in the kitchen at the new house.  So gathering decor from every room and boxing it all together before you do anything else allows you to sit it aside until you are ready to put on your finishing touches!

4. Save those laundry baskets! It is always a good idea to keep your laundry baskets for items you will be too tired to hunt for and unpack once you get settled in on the day of the big move. Sheets for the bed, phone chargers, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, paper plates and utensils and garbage bags are always a must to have on hand and not have to search for! 

5. Speaking of Paper Products -  why wait to pack your kitchen? Go ahead and pack that fancy silverwear and dishes! Buy paper plates and utensils for use at least a week before the move. Packing, wrapping, boxing, & cleaning are a must so why add washing dishes to the list? Don't forget to throw them in your laundry basket before you leave for easy use!

6. Labeling - Now is the time to label room to room instead of contents of the box. The workers helping you unload box after box will appreciate being able to read which room to deliver to from the truck rather than having to ask you where each box goes before unloading. 

7. Tape Gun - Just do it. Spend the few dollars for the good one and simplify your life.

8. Packing paper - This is another must for those fragile items! Again, a few dollars spent verses the peace of mind that your beloved glass and fragile items are safe is worth it. If you can't see spending money for it, repurpose! Save all those plastic grocery bags to substitute for packing paper.

9. Uniform boxes - Having uniform boxes isn't just for the OCD person in your life, it also maximizes the room in your rental truck by being able to make neat and tidy rows eliminating time and trips back and forth from location to location. 

10. Plastic Wrap - This isn't a must, however, I found with any kind of box, stacking them per room and then wrapping with a heavy moving plastic wrap saves so many trips on and off the truck! (But use only if you utilize Tip #11!)

11. Dolly - Rent it. Buy it. Do it. Your back will thank you.

12. Garbage Bag Hanging Clothes -  This one is a game changer. You can rubber band a handful of hangers together and slip a clean garbage bag over and put a slit for the top of the hangers. No more taking off the hanger, packing, unpacking and rehanging before putting them back up. Simply cover, move and hang up!