It is officially SUMMER! That means the AC will be working overtime in the Tennessee heat and the electric bill will go up! Try these tips to lower your bill AND keep cool:

  • Avoid running appliances during the day. Use them at night when the temp is cooler outside
  • Make sure your ceiling fans turn counterclockwise to properly distribute the air
  • Lower your water heater temperature to 120 degrees
  • Clean your AC unit - be sure to shut off the power before hosing the coils down!)
  • Replace your air filters
  • Inspect around ductwork, windows and doors to ensure seals are tight. If not - seal the cool air in
  • Cover windows during the day, especially those being hit by the sun
  • Close off vents and doors to rooms not being occupied
  • Get a smart thermostat to sense when you are away to switch to energy saving mode to save you money

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