Curb appeal is the first impression of your home to a guest or buyer. Yet, odors are what the visitor will connect to your home long after they are gone. A quick aerosol spray may mask the smell for a few moments but usually leaves an overbearing floral smell on top of the original smell. Why do a temporary fix instead of solving the problem? 

Here are a few tips to stop those pesky odors in their tracks:

Coffee grounds: Put used coffee grounds in a shallow bowl and place it around your house. The coffee grounds will absorb smells. For trash cans, make an odor-eating sachet: Place some coffee grounds, a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, and a few cloves in the center of a coffee filter. Close with a rubber band or twist tie, then place in the bottom of the can, beneath a clean trash bag.

White vinegar: Bowls of white vinegar can act as an odor neutralizer. Sit it beside the stove after you cook and leave overnight. It will absorb food smells. It is also a great cleaning agent!

Baking soda: Open a container and place it in the area where the smell originated. Great tip for the fridge or a litter box!

Apple cider vinegar: If the sink has an odor, it is likely coming from the drain. Pouring apple cider vinegar down the drain will eliminate the smell.

Lemon / Orange: Chopping up a lemon or orange and putting it through the garbage disposal will remove odors from the disposal and drain. **adding ice and baking soda to this will help flush out tougher odors! Run HOT water and repeat as many times as necessary.

Vodka: Put in a spray bottle and lightly mist fabrics, including carpet, containing the odor. When the vodka evaporates, so will the smell.

Cut onion: Before you paint, slice an onion in half and put each half on opposite sides of the room. The onion slices will absorb the paint smell. When you are finished painting, wrap and toss the onion! Once removed, so is the paint and onion smell.

Fresh Air: Stagnant air holds on to dust, dander, and dust mites. You can battle stale air just by opening a few windows once a week to increase air flow. A home needs to have the air exchanged; and if you open some windows, you allow fresh air into the house and remove those stale odors


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